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Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

September 8, 2021

Gourmet Purée: A Local Woman's Mission to Healthify Baby Food


After losing her restaurant job to the pandemic, Lilian Carroll turned her lifelong love for food and hospitality into Bramblebee Baby Food, a subscription meal service delivered "milkman style."


by Jamie Korf

That whole saying about how some of life's biggest misfortunes can actually be blessings in disguise? It may be overdone and a bit cringey (particularly in these times when so many lives have been upended), but how else do you adequately capture the journey of going from jobless to the boss of a budding business that benefits health-conscious moms and their babes? After a string of restaurant jobs throughout her career, Lilian Carroll was left to her own devices at the onset of the pandemic. Isolated, community-deprived, and undergoing a bit of an identity crisis, Carroll decided to turn inward and pour her passion for food and hospitality into something meaningful. Say hello to Bramblebee Baby Food, an environmentally-responsible subscription service that provides fresh, high-quality baby food.